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We have an ever growing selection of treats for those with a sweet tooth. From gelatine free sweets that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, vegan marshmallows to dairy free chocolates and vegan chocolate bars. 

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Go Max Go Snap Bar 50g

** REDUCED DUE TO SHORT BEST BEFORE DATE 07/07/17 **Crisped rice covered with a deliciously smo..

£2.15 Ex Tax: £1.79

Anandas Rudolphs Round Up! Vegan 'Waggon Wheel' - Cherry & Berry 75g

Hand made Vegan 'Waggon Wheel' Cakes from Ananda's.Just in time for the festive season! Rudolph's Ro..

£2.85 Ex Tax: £2.38

Beauty Sweeties Sugar Free Sweets - Bunnies 125g

Vegan Bunny Shaped Sweets from Beauty Sweeties!Get some goodness the tasty way!Free from sugar, thes..

£1.90 Ex Tax: £1.58

Beauty Sweeties Sweets - Crowns 125g

Vegan Crown Shaped Sweets from Beauty Sweeties!Get some goodness the tasty way!These vegetarian swee..

£1.90 Ex Tax: £1.58

Beauty Sweeties Vegan Sweets - Sour Cats 125g

Vegan Sour Cat Shaped Sweets from Beauty Sweeties!Get some goodness the tasty way!These vegetarian s..

£1.90 Ex Tax: £1.58

Biona Organic Jelly Dinos 75g

Biona Organic Jelly Dinos are cute little dinosaur shaped gummy sweets with a sugar crystal coating,..

£1.90 Ex Tax: £1.58

Biona Organic Pomegranate Hearts 75g

Biona Organic Pomegranate Hearts are little red heart shaped gummy sweets with a tasty pomegranate f..

£1.90 Ex Tax: £1.58

Biona Organic Vegan Cola Bottles 75g

A delicious Vegan alternative to a childhood favourite!These cola flavoured bottles are sweet, with ..

£1.90 Ex Tax: £1.58

Biona Organic Vegan Peppermints 75g

Delicious Organic Peppermints vegetarian and vegan friendly! Perfect to keep in the car or your..

£2.89 Ex Tax: £2.41

Biona Organic Vegan Tutti Frutti Wine Gums 75g

Delicious gelatine free wine gums, vegan sweets with no animal derived colourings or waxes.These lov..

£1.90 Ex Tax: £1.58

Candy Shack Sugar Free Sweets - Strawberry & Cream 120g

Sugar Free Strawberry & Cream style sweets by Candy Shack.These sugar free delights are handmade..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Eat Real - Vegan 'Jalapeno & Cheddar' Quinoa Puffs 113g

These delicious spicy quinoa puffs are a tasty alternative to cheesy puffs - but with a spicy twist!..

£1.90 Ex Tax: £1.58

Go Max Go 2Fer Candy Bar 43g

Cookie topped with caramel in a rice chocolatey coating, which pairs perfectly with a cup of tea. ..

£2.15 Ex Tax: £1.79

Go Max Go Buccaneer Bar 57g

A fluffy chocolatey nougat in a smooth rice-milk chocolate coating.No artificial colours or flavours..

£2.15 Ex Tax: £1.79

Go Max Go Cleos Candy Bar 43g

Creamy peanut butter in a delicious chocolate cup!If you think chocolate and peanut butter are a mat..

£2.15 Ex Tax: £1.79

Go Max Go Cleos White Candy Bar 43g

Delicious white chocolate cups with a creamy peanut butter filling - it doesn't get much better than..

£2.15 Ex Tax: £1.79

Go Max Go Mahalo Candy Bar 57g

Coconut & almonds in a rice-milk chocolatey coating.No artificial colours or flavours. Glute..

£2.15 Ex Tax: £1.79

Go Max Go Thumbs Up Bar 37g

A Crunchy Peanut Buttery Center in a Rice Milk Chocolately Coating. No artificial colours or flavour..

£2.15 Ex Tax: £1.79

Haribo Vegetarian Sour Rainbow Twists 8pk (approx.100g)

This 8 pack of Haribo Sour Rainbow Twists is a real toungue tingling treat!Suitable for Vegetari..

£1.00 Ex Tax: £0.83

Haribo Vegetarian Vegan Sour Rainbow Twists 150g

Fizzy Sour Fruit Flavoured gums, made with real fruit juice and no artificial colours!These colourfu..

£1.49 Ex Tax: £1.24


Wheaty Organic Vegan Sausages - Merguez 200g (CHILLED)

*** REDUCED DUE TO SHORT DATE 11/08/17 ***A vegan take on a spicy Spanish classic! Wh..

£3.65 Ex Tax: £3.65

Vitam Organic Tofu Scramble Mix 200g

Vitam 'Scrambled Tofu' is a seasoning mix for making vegan alternatives to scrambled egg.This specia..

£5.60 Ex Tax: £5.60

Violife Mediterranean 'Halloumi' Style Cheese 200g (CHILLED)

Vegan Mediterranean Halloumi Style Cheese from Violife!Indulge yourself with Violife Halloumi S..

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99

Violife Grated Pizza Cheese 'Mozzarella' Flavour 200g (CHILLED)

Vegan Grated Mozzarella from Violife!Ready for melting this grated Dairy-Free Mozzarella Cheese is r..

£2.79 Ex Tax: £2.79