Nuvale Vital Wheat Gluten Flour 500g

Nuvale Vital Wheat Gluten Flour 500g

Vital wheat gluten is ideal for making vegetarian alternatives to meat... including home made seitan style products.

77% protein and just 5g carbs per 100g.

It is simply concentrated wheat protein in powder form, keeping the essential characteristic of becoming very sticky when in contact with water.

You can mix vital gluten powder while it is dry with herbs and spices and then add water, or better still some vegan stock and stir it in.

The gluten will quickly stick together into a rubbery lump... Wheat gluten sets and takes on a permanent shape at around 85C so we suggest cooking the gluten by either boiling it in a rich stock or steaming it. Steaming has the advatage that spices are not washed out and it is more likely to keep its shape.

VeggieStuff Kitchen Tips:

  • Mix with vegetable stock instead of water for extra flavour.
  • Try blending with other flours for different textures, 5 parts gluten flour to 1 part soya flour or plain flour for example, will make it less rubbery.
  • Add powdered spices such as chili, tumeric, carob, etc for extra flavour and colour into the dry gluten flour.
  • To make a roast, roll tightly in a large sheet of cling film, tying both ends with elastic bands. Steam for 30 minutes and then when set remove the cling film and rub in oil and herbs and wrap in foil before roasting for 15 minutes to crispen the skin.
  • Try making 'wheat-balls' or nuggets, you can even cover them in breadcrumbs using Orgran No-Egg and use a fried chiken spice mix...

We strongly recommend that you don't worry about getting things 'right' and enjoy a bit of experiementation because we got our best results mostly by accident which is good fun too. So make notes if you want to make it a second time!!

Wheat Gluten flour.

Allergy Information:
Contains Wheat Gluten.

Nutritional Information (per 100g):
Protein 77g, Carbohydrates 5g, Ash 1g

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