Security and Privacy Policy

Privacy and Security

Our online payments are handled by Secure Hosting, a well established firm that has been trading since 1998.

We have designed to work with their Universal Payement Gateway system. We collect your order details on our website which records the order before you are then sent to the Secure Hosting servers where you can safely enter you details so they can process the card payments. Their servers use 128-bit encryption to protect your card data.

How safe is this encryption?

We use a 128bit encryption 'key' means that it is not at all likely that someone could decode the data - There are so many possible keys with 128bit that it would take significantly longer than the age of the universe to "guess" one.

2 bit encryption would be 2x2 giving 4 key combinations, 5 bit would be 2x2x2x2x2 = 32 key combinations.

128-bit encryptions means that there are OVER 339,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different possible keys. Even taking into consideration that computers in the future may get faster and faster it would take thousands of millions of years to crack the code and decrypt your card details - by which time you will probably not need to worry about it!

So please feel confident to leave your payment details with us on your orders.

The image here shows the following details that prove that the payment page is secure:

1. Look for the "s" after "http" in the address whenever you are about to enter sensitive information, such as a credit-card number, into a form on a Web site. This means your connection is secured by 128bit encryption.

2. The padlock symbol lets you know that you are using encryption.

If this encryption is so good why is there so much Internet fraud?

Well we have the media to thank for that feeling (as with many scares). What is not well reported is that the vast majority of fraudulent card use is against RETAILERS with cards stolen in the physical world, such as restaurants, petrol stations and high street shops, sometimes offices even from the unshredded rubbish they throw out each week. We have never had a customer who has had their card compromised by shopping online, however we have seen many people attempt to purchase products from us with stolen cards (and fail of course!)

In these cases its the retailer that usually loses out if they send the goods. Your bank should automatically reimburse your card for transactions you did not authorise and the funds are taken back from the retailer by the card issuer. So simply using your card online will not put you at higher risk than handing it over to dozens of strangers every week in shops, pubs, restaurants etc... especially if you follow the advice above and look for the signs that the website you are connected to is secure.

If you still feel uneasy about paying with your card you can place your order online and then call us with your card details or fax them. We can then process them on a terminal just like you see in shops that process the cards down a fixed land line.


Privacy Policy is a Trading Name of Vegeco Ltd (Registered in England & Wales Company No.5896605).

We provide the following information to inform you about what information we do (and do not) record and store about our customers. If you have any queries that are not answered here please feel free to call us.

You can be assured that your personal details will not be distributed to any third party. Any details provided will be used only for fulfilling customer orders, responding to enquiries and monitoring the performance of our website.

The personal information we collect about You may include: Your name, Your address, Your telephone numbers, Your email address.

In addition to this we keep records of activity on our site. These records DO NOT allow us to monitor individual visitors. We do however note IP address, country of origin and what pages are being accessed. We do this to ensure that our Website is performing correctly and to identify ways in which we may improve our service.

You may ask us to provide you with details of the information we keep about you. Please email for more information.

Use of Cookies and JavaScripts

Our shop makes use of 'cookies' and 'javascripts' to enable it to operate correctly.

Cookies are very small data files stored only on your computer. They are created by your browser to record information about your purchases. This is essential if your shopping cart is to function as cookies store information about the cart contents until you decide to leave or purchase those items.

JavaScripts are small pieces of code in the webpages of our site that allow extra functionality. They may be used for things as simple as making images change as you put your mouse over them, or for complicated calculations.

If you choose to disable Cookies or JavaScripts on your browser you will experience problems using this website and very many others on the Internet. Cookies and JavaScripts do not pose real security threats and make the Internet more interesting and useful.


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