Ham Alternatives

Ham Alternatives

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Hobelz Vegan Rustic Cold Cuts - Salami Style 100g (CHILLED)

Salami Style Rustic Cold Cuts by Hobelz. These tasty salami style slices are great for sandwich..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.99

VBites Cheatin Vegan Roast - 'Gammon Style' 390g (CHILLED)

Vegan 'Gammon' Style Roast from VBites.A Meat-Free Gammon alternative for those who miss the taste o..

£4.90 Ex Tax: £4.90

Vegandeli - Vegan Mock Ham 320g (CHILLED)

Vegan Mock Ham from Vegandeli!A succulent and lightly seasoned vegan alternative to ham. A very vers..

£4.65 Ex Tax: £4.65

Tofurky Vegan Slices - 'Smoked Ham' Style 156g (CHILLED)

Vegan 'Smoked Ham' Style Slices from Tofurky. Plant based protein that the whole family can enjoy!Wa..

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99

VBites Cheatin Vegan Slices - 'Ham Style' 100g (CHILLED)

Vegan 'Ham' Style Slices from VBites!Made to VBites special formula. Brilliant in baguettes and bage..

£1.80 Ex Tax: £1.80

Vegourmet Vegan Bacon Style Block - 'Farmer's Pepper Piece' 250g (CHILLED)

New!! From Vegourmet - a vegan bacon style block coated with a pepper coating. Can be cut as th..

£6.99 Ex Tax: £6.99

Vegourmet Vegan Block - 'Gustostück' (Tasty Piece) 500g

One big lump of succulent smoky yumminess!The 'Gustostück' is a versatile kitchen ingredient, wh..

£6.99 Ex Tax: £6.99

Vegourmet Vegan Block - 'Smoked Ham Style' 400g

A firm block of 'Schinken' a German style of seasoned and smoked ham.The long tradition of salti..

£6.99 Ex Tax: £6.99

Vegourmet Vegan Slices - 'Smoked Ham Style' 100g

Vegan slices in the style of 'Schinken' - German smoked and spiced ham.Lovely rich savoury flavo..

£2.64 Ex Tax: £2.64

Vegourmet Vegan Slices - 'Smoked' 100g

Deliciously smoked with real beech and conifer wood, these savoury slices are great for sandwiches, ..

£2.64 Ex Tax: £2.64


Violife 'Blu' Block - Blue Style Cheese 150g (CHILLED)

Blue style cheese from Violife.Perfect for eating on crackers, in salad or melted into a toastie.Mad..

£2.89 Ex Tax: £2.89

VBites Cheezly Vegan Cheese - 'Soya Free' (Cheddar Style) 190g (CHILLED)

Vegan Soya Free 'Cheddar' Style Cheese from VBites.This Dairy-Free cheese alternative has a smoo..

£2.20 Ex Tax: £2.20

VBites 'Making Waves' Vegan 'Fishless Fishcakes' 150g (CHILLED)

**SHORT DATE - BEST BEFORE 25/05/2018**Vegan 'Fish' Style Cakes from VBites!Amazingly realistic fish..

£2.50 Ex Tax: £2.50

Swizzels Parma Violets 40g

Swizzels Giant Parma Violets!Vegan friendly retro sweets! Delicately perfumed violet sweets, fr..

£0.40 Ex Tax: £0.33