Soyatoo! Dairy-Free Vegan Spray Cream - 'Rice Whip' 250ml

Soyatoo! Dairy-Free Vegan Spray Cream - 'Rice Whip' 250ml

Delicious and sweet Dairy Free 'Rice Whip' Squirty Cream from Soyatoo!

For those, for whom whipping it themselves is too strenuous, or who just can't believe it, there's Soyatoo!® ready-to-use Rice Spray Cream in a 250g can.

VeggieStuff Kitchen Tips:
Great on fruit salads, desserts and puddings and cakes. You can also use this cream to top hot chocolate and cappuccino. We use it with vegan jelly and custard to make mini trifles.

Soyatoo!® Rice Cream Spray is:

  • based on rice milk and 100% organic vegetable fats.
  • easy on the figure with a delightfully low fat content of only 11% (conventional whipping cream contains approx. 25% fat)
  • cholesterol free and lactose free

Rice Drink (Water, Rice Syrup, Rice Starch, Rice Flour) (75%), Coconut Fat (11%), Maltodextrin (from Rice), Acidifier: Tartaric Acid, Thickeners: Seaweed Extract & Gum Arabic, Sea Salt, Propellant Nitrous Oxide.

Nutritional Information per 100g:
Energy 171kcal/711kJ, Fat 11g of which saturates 10g, Carbohydrate 15g of which sugars 7.2g, Protein 0.4g, Salt 0.1g

Dispensing the cream is harder when it is cold. If refrigerated, take out of the refrigerator at least 15 minutes before use.

1. Hold the can with the nozzle downwards and firmly shake downwards once to move the contents to the front of the nozzle.
2. Hold the can upside down and spray the cream.
3. Open the nozzle after use and rinse with water.

Storage Information:
This product does not need refrigeration. If refrigerated, only store upside down.

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