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  • Viana Organic 'Real Smoked' Tofu 250g (CHILLED)
    A really delicious organic hard tofu, naturally smoked for a rich flavour. Please note: This product can vary from batch to batch - sometimes it has lots of smoke and very salty... which has intense flavour (we LOVE IT!!) If you do not like smoked tofu too strong, email us and we'll check the cu..
  • Viana Organic Hazelnut Tofu 250g (CHILLED)
    A unique combination of top quality organic hazelnuts and fresh Viana Real Nigari Tofu.  Made with Viana's extra-firm tofu and seasoned with soy sauce for a richer flavour this tofu can be sliced and diced for use in may dishes, or even eaten uncooked in salads. As you can see from o..
  • Viana Organic Seitan 200g (CHILLED)
    A popular meat alternative for centuries, seitan is made from wheat protein. Viana Seitan is made according to a traditional recipe and distinguishes itself by its hearty taste and diverse uses. Seitan is believed to have originated in China, where Buddhists were seeking an altenative to meat...
  • Viana Organic Tempeh 200g (CHILLED)
    Traditional style organic tempeh from Viana. Tempeh is a traditional food that was first made in Java, now part of Indonesia. Soyabeans are partly cooked and fermented with a special Rhizopus culture that then grows around it to hold it all together in a 'cake'.   Tastes good and is h..
  • Viana Organic Vegan 'Chikin Fillets' 200g (CHILLED)
    Crispy coated chicken style fillets (two pieces). This won’t have the chooks cackling! You only need five minutes for a fine crispy vegetarian fillet. Viana Chicken Fillets are perfect for light dishes, tender and crisp in strips on salad,  great in tortilla wraps... Ingredients ..
  • Viana Organic Vegan 'Chikin Nuggets' 200g (CHILLED)
    Crispy breadcrumb coated chicken style nuggets (8 pieces). Really hungry, hardly any time? Here’s the answer: Chickin Nuggets from Viana!. You just need five minutes for tender vegetarian nuggets - a real experience for your taste buds! Ingredients: Tofu* (32%), Water, Wheat P..
  • Viana Organic Vegan 'Veggie Doner Kebab' 200g (CHILLED)
    Turkish style spicy seasoned vegan kebab filling. These finely seasoned Döner Kebabs are equally good as a snack in pita bread or in fine Turkish cuisine with rice and fresh vegetables. Ready for the pan - just heat and serve. Ingredients: Tofu*, Water, Wheat Protein*, Sunflower Oil*, So..
  • Viana Organic Vegan 'Veggie Gyros' 200g (CHILLED)
    Greek style sliced and spiced vegan Gyros. Can be frozen. Authentically spicy hot and with perfect texture. In a seasoned sauce, ready for the pan. Just heat and serve - perfect in pittas. Ingredients: Tofu* (Water, Soybeans*), Wheat Protein*, Water, Sunflower Oil*, Soy Sauce (Water..
  • Viana Organic Vegan Burgers - 'Classic Bavarian' 200g (CHILLED)
    Two smoked tofu and roasted onion, seasoned vegan burgers. Especially hearty and especially healthy. Green spelt and oats, as well as smoked tofu, roasted onions, all wonderfully seasoned! Good old Bavarian virtues in fresh Viana packaging! Ingredients: Green Spelt (16%), Tofu* (15%), Wh..
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  • Viana Organic Vegan Burgers - 'Classic Veggie Hamburger ' 250g (CHILLED)
    The finest ingredients and Viana know how to cater for the perfect burger feeling. Four burgers in each pack. Ingredients: Water, Wheat Protein*, Minced Soy Protein*, Sunflower Oil*, Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans*, Wheat*), Roasted Onions*, Sea Salt, Malt Powder*, Tomato Paste*, Spices..
  • Viana Organic Vegan Burgers - 'Ocean Beach' 200g (CHILLED)
    Miami Feeling! Two great mincemeat style burgers with lots of wheat protein and soy protein. Roasted onions, capsicum and the right dose of vivacious spices give you hearty enjoyment with that extra kick.  Ingredients: Water, Wheat Protein*, Minced Soy Protein*, Soy Sauce (Water, Soybean..
  • Viana Organic Vegan Sausages - 'Real Jumbos' 275g (CHILLED)
    Five large, mildly smoked vegan hotdogs. These large and hearty Viana Jumbos are ideal grill sausages. Thanks to tofu and wheat protein they combine hearty enjoyment with vitality and wellbeing. Suitable for home freezing. Ingredients: Tofu (Water, Soybeans*), Water, Wheat Protein*, Sunflo..
  • Viana Organic Vegan Sausages - 'Veggie Fresh Bratwurst' 300g (CHILLED)
    Three BIG German style vegan sausages. A fine fresh sausage with many uses. Just great as a curried sausage, for old and young. By the way, Viana sausages don’t stick to the pan - Scouts‘ honour! Suitable for home freezing. Ingredients: Tofu* (34%), Water, Wheat Protein* (22%), Sunflower Oil*..
  • Viana Organic Vegan Snack Sausage -  'Auslander' 50g
    Mild Jumbo - a milder tasting vegan salami style snack. Requires no refrigeration - Perfect for Luchboxes! An ideal companion for those little cravings in between meals. Naturally 100% vegan and cholesterol free. 50g stick. Ingredients: Tofu* (36%), Water, Wheat Protein* (20%), Sunflower Oil*..
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  • Viana Organic Vegan Snack Sausage - 'Picknicker' 50g
    Picknicker - the vegan salami style snack. An ideal companion for the little craving in between.  Naturally 100% veggie, cholesterol free and lower in fat. Comes in a 50g pack that doesn't need refrigeration. Perfect for lunchboxes or when you are away from home. Ingredients: Water, Smok..
  • Viana Organic Vegan Steaks - 'Bonanza Veggie Steaks' 210g (CHILLED)
      Fast and flavoursome, juicy and spicy. Just the thing for the cowgirls and cowboys of the urban jungle. Bang them in the pan and in five minutes there’re ready. Ingredients: Water, Wheat Protein*(23%), Minced Soy Protein*(9%), Capsicum*, Sunflower Oil*, Soy Sauce (Water, Soybea..
  • Viana Organic Vegan Steaks - 'Cowgirl Veggie Steaks' 210g (CHILLED)
    These spicy vegan "steaks" have 29 grams of protein per serving, are cholesterol and GMO-free can easily be grilled to perfection for the perfect hearty main course for a down-home vegan dinner. Made with Viana Organic Tofu and organic wheat, combined with garden-fresh vegetables and sophisticate..
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