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Hemp Natural Protein Powder 500g

Hemp Natural Protein Powder 500g

Brand: Good Hemp
Product Code: QU-HEM010
Price: £13.50 Ex Tax: £13.50

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47% Protein 
Contains Omega 3 (with SDA)
Only 15% Carbohydrate
Good Fibre content
All 10 Essential Amino Acids

100% Natural Hemp Protein

Nutritional Values per 100g
Energy 1548kj / 370kcal, Protein 47.0g, Carbohydrate 15.4g of which Sugar 5.4g, Fat 12.6g of which Saturates 1.4g, of which Monounsaturates 1.5g, of which Omega 9 - 1.5g, Fats of which Polyunsaturates 9.7g of which Omega 3 - 2.3g, of which Omega 6 - 7.4g, Fibre 21.0g

Amino Acids per 100g:
Alanine 1.87g
Arginine 5.07g
Aspartic Acid 4.50g
Cystine 0.79g
Glutamic Acid 7.69g
Glycine 2.08g
Histidine 1.28g
Isoleucine 1.13g
Leucine 2.53g
Lysine 1.55g
Methionine 0.92g
Phenylalanine 1.78g
Proline 1.74g
Serine 2.15g
Theronine 1.49g
Tryptophan 0.36g
Tyrosine 1.40g
Valine 1.51g

30g of this Protein Powder gives you 35% of the recommended daily intake of Omega 3 (2g per day*). Essential Fatty Acids are required for normal cardiovascular function, skin and joint health and effective immune response.
*Guidelines: European FSA

Free from Gluten
Free from Dairy & Lactose
Free from GMO
Free from Hexane
Free from Pesticides & Herbicides
Free from Additives or Preservatives 

Delicious in Smoothies, Juices, Yoghurts, Cereals or Shakes. Can be taken before and after exercise or simply as a natural source of Proteins, Omegas and Dietary Fibre.


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