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Vegetarian and vegan food from VeggieStuff.com. We have a great selection of vegetarian and vegan snacks, ready meals, sweets, soups, and kitchen essentials.

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Ten Acre - Vegan Cheese and Onion Crisps 40g

Vegan Cheese and Onion Crisps from Ten Acre!If you long for cheese and onion crisps but forgo da..

£0.80 Ex Tax: £0.67

Ten Acre - Vegan Hickory BBQ Crisps 40g

Vegan BBQ Crisps from Ten AcreVegan Hickory BBQ flavour crisps, all the sweet and smokey&nb..

£0.80 Ex Tax: £0.67

Terra Vegane - Organic Vegan Mac & Cheese Mix 'Alfredo' 200g

Organic Vegan Alfredo Mac & Cheese mix by Terra Vegane.Sometimes you just want comfort food and ..

£3.59 Ex Tax: £3.59

Marigold Organic Vegetarian/Vegan Gravy Powder 110g

Just add water, and bring to the boil whilst stirring to prepare this classic gravy.  Ideal wit..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.99

Marigold Vegan Instant Gravy Granules 170g

NEW!!Vegan Instant Gravy Granules from Marigold!Now in an 'instant' granular form, it's now easier t..

£1.27 Ex Tax: £1.27

Moo Free Organic Dairy Free Chocolate Drops 25g

They're back! At long last Moo Free's choccy drops have made their long awaited return."Hammy Hamste..

£0.85 Ex Tax: £0.71

So Free Organic Vegan Milk Chocolate Spread 275g

Organic Vegan milk chocolate spread by So Free.Gluten Free and Dairy Free, this sweet chocolate spre..

£3.16 Ex Tax: £2.63

So Free Organic Vegan Rich Dark Chocolate Orange Spread 275g

Organic Vegan Rich Dark Chocolate Spread by So Free.With a deep, rich flavour, this dark chocolate s..

£3.16 Ex Tax: £2.63


Wheaty Organic Vegan Sausages - Merguez 200g (CHILLED)

*** REDUCED DUE TO SHORT DATE 11/08/17 ***A vegan take on a spicy Spanish classic! Wh..

£3.66 Ex Tax: £3.66

Vitam Organic Tofu Scramble Mix 200g

Vitam 'Scrambled Tofu' is a seasoning mix for making vegan alternatives to scrambled egg.This specia..

£5.60 Ex Tax: £5.60

Viana Organic Vegan Sausages - 'Bratwurst' 300g (CHILLED)

Three jumbo Bratwurst style sausages made with organic ingredients from Viana.These delicious sausag..

£3.45 Ex Tax: £3.45

Vegandeli - Vegan Mock Ham 320g (CHILLED)

Vegan Mock Ham from Vegandeli!A succulent and lightly seasoned vegan alternative to ham. A very vers..

£4.65 Ex Tax: £4.65