Delivery in Europe - DPD

We send goods to over 50 countries every year!
So we can probably send to YOU :-)

We can ship parcels up to 30kg in weight to most European countries. Please note that this limit INCLUDES all packaging required to make a safe and strong parcel to send to you. Therefore the total weight of goods will be limited to slightly less to allow for packaging.

We send more parcels to Sweden than to Scotland, so deliveries to Europe are no problem. If you want to place a very large order we can arrange to send the goods to you by pallet. Please email us for a quotation :-)

Chilled Goods

We cannot ship chilled foods outside the UKWe are unable to send chilled items outside of the UK.Unfortunately we have no way to keep chilled goods cold for deliveries to Europe and beyond.

If you are outside of the UK you will not be able to proceed through the checkout until you remove any chilled items.

DPD Predict - Track and Reschedule your delivery

DPD's Predict service is fully trackable, meaning you will know where your parcel is at all times. Offering you a 1 hour delivery window that you can select, or even rearrange for another day or alternative delivery address. See the video at the end of this page to learn more!

DPD Deliveries are Carbon Neutral!

DPD is also the first parcel delivery company to go Carbon Neutral. By measuring their carbon emissions DPD offset against carbon credits and financing renewable and clean energy projects. They have a target to reduce the road transport emission by 10% per parcel by 2020.

30kg Parcel too big? Looking for small Airmail options?

For small items, it may be cheaper to send via Airmail, see:
Airmail Worldwide >>

DPD Europe Zone 1

Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Up to 30kg:£12.49
Up to 60kg:£24.98
Up to 90kg:£37.47

DPD Europe Zone 2

Denmark, Austria. (Switzerland*)

Up to 30kg:£17.99 (£39.95)
Up to 60kg:£35.98 (£54.85)
Up to 90kg:£53.97 (£69.77)

DPD Europe Zone 3

Italy, Spain, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic.

Up to 30kg:£23.49
Up to 60kg:£46.98
Up to 90kg:£70.47

DPD Europe Zone 4

Finland, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia. (Croatia*)

Up to 30kg:£34.45 (£53.75)
Up to 60kg:£68.90 (£82.45)
Up to 90kg:£103.35 (£111.10)

DPD Europe Zone 5

Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania

Up to 30kg:£44.25
Up to 60kg:£88.50
Up to 90kg:£132.75

DPD Europe Zone 6, 7 & 9 - Non EU

Norway*, Iceland*, Bosnia* and Serbia*.

Up to 30kg:£61.75
Up to 60kg:£98.49
Up to 90kg:£135.23

*Please note Non-EU countries are not charged VAT, however there is a £25 surcharge for customs handling which is included in the delivery cost. This applies to Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia.

Order processing times

We operate we weekday service, so orders are process Monday to Friday, except English public holidays. Often we can dispatch orders by the following working day, however orders received during weekends cannot be processed until the following Monday. Therefore orders placed on Sunday will be in a queue behind those paced on Friday night.

At certains times of year, especially in the weeks before Christmas, we receive up 300% the normal volume of orders - which can cause delays in processing.


We are based in the United Kingdom, so if you buying from outside of the EU, you will be acting as an importer into your country.

This means you may be required by your government to pay additional import taxes, duties and handling fees on the goods you order.

In some countries (in particular Australia), the goods are very likely to be stopped by customs officials, who may decide they will not allow them into the country.

We are unable to advise you on this matter because we have no control over it. You must firstly check with your own government officials to establish if you are allowed to import the goods and what taxes may apply.


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