Vegan Egg & Cress Party Sandwiches

Posted by VS-Kitchen 17/05/2016 1 Comment(s) Vegan Recipes,

Portsmouth Vegan Club were holding a potluck style meet up - the theme was 'English Tea Party'. We needed to think of something delicate and dainty to take along!

So we made vegan egg and cress mini sandwiches. Here's how we did it in easy steps:

Vegan Egg & Cress Party Sandwiches in 4 Easy Steps!

We used Follow Your Heart's VeganEgg and after mixing [1] and scrambling it [2] that we added Plamil Egg Free Mayonnaise [3]. We then spread it on some strong white bread with cress - we doubled up to make three layers of bread before simply cutting of the crusts and cutting into squares [4].

Very dainty indeed! :-) 

1 Comment(s)

Rachel Pye:
28/05/2016, 01:45:29 PM

This looks really tasty & Nice

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