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Wheaty Vegan Gyros in a WrapMany vegans find eating during the working day can be a challenge - poor selection at the canteen, sandwich shops that always put mayonnasie and butter in everything...   what to do? Surviving on crisps is not the only option - you really can make much better for less!


Wraps are quick and easy and make a great snack or lunchbox alternative to sandwiches.


Many vegan foods we sell at are perfect for wraps. Starting with a wrap and some salad leaves, the magic happens when you add one of the great products we have available.


We often smear some vegan mayonnaise onto the wrap before adding any salad leaves as this helps everything stick in place! Even the choice of leaves beats the boring icebrg lettuce in shop bought options - try peppery watercress or rocket, baby spinach leaves or even salads with greated beetroot. Now we need something to get our teeth into...


The new Tofurky chicken style pieces are great, with each pack making three to four wraps depending on how generous you feel. Tofurky's 'Barbecue' and 'Tandoori' flavours are great straight from the packet, with tasty sauce all over them! The 'Lightly Seasoned' version leaves it up to you - try tossing in lime juice, smoked paprika and a pinch chilli, or maybe something more classic like a vegan mayonnaise with sweetcorn. 


Wheaty Vegankebab Gyros are also great straight from the pack, with a delicious flavour. A squirt of sauce will do no harm though if you fancy it! There is enough in each pack to fill 2-3 wraps, possibly more if you are combining with other fillings.


Viana Veggie Gyros also work well. If you prefer the pieces crispy, you can pan fry them first or if you prefer them more tender we suggest simmering in a just a few table spoons of water to let them take up some extra moisture. Each pack will easily fill 2-3 wraps depending on how much you fill them - in supermarket bought wraps the amount of meat is pretty low, so for vegan versions we can have more.

Preparing Viana Vegan Gyros in a Wrap


Some of these products are quite obvious choices for filling wraps, but many other products we sell also make great fillings. Viana's Bonanza Veggie Steak can be sliced into strips on salad, with their rich paprika flavour and chewy bite making a satisfying choice. Viana's gourmet vegan burgers are also suitable for slicing and using in wraps in teh same way...  one tip is very useful here - place the strips all in one directiom or your wrap rolling will be a struggle.


Lastly, if you are planning on eating these away from home, you'll need some tin foil or clingfilm to stop them unrolling. 


When we get a chance we will put up some images of the many different wraps we make with products from to keep you inspired. If you have some ideas you would like to share with on our site, email them in - we'll try them out!



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