Easy Cheesy Vegan Hors D'Oeuvres

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Easy Cheesy Vegan Hors D'OeuvresGot a party planned? Want to impress your guests with your vegan food?

Well, here area couple of really quick and easy options for vegan hors d'oeuvres. 


You will need:


In the example on the right we simply cubed the cheese (VBites 'Blue Style') and cut a pack of VBites 'Galic Sausage' style slices into squares. Just take the slices out and seperate into two. There are usually 10 sliced in a pack, so you are seperating into 5's. Then just cut to approximately the same size as the cheese cubes.

Now all you need to do start loading the cocktail sticks. We found it was best to have the cheese cubes on the bottom, as they can stand up with a flat base.





Easy Cheesy Vegan Hors D'OeuvresIn the example on the right we used the delicious smoky slices by Vegourmet.


What we did different here is that we rolled up the slices, which works well as they are square shaped. Then we put several cocktail sticks through the rolled up slice which stops them unrolling. Next we cut the rolled up slice in between each of the cocktail stick to seperate them. 


We cubed some Vegourmet 'Celtic' vegan cheese and loaded each of the cocktail stick with a stuffed olive and a cube of the vegan cheese.


It only takes minutes but they make great nibbles and makes the cheese and slices go a long way.

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