Sweet Freedom Vegan Honey Alternative - Dark 350g

Sweet Freedom Vegan Honey Alternative - Dark 350g

A delicious vegan alternative to honey! This is the rich version of the product that has a great flavour and is fabulous on porridge or in flapjacks, in yoghurts, or toast... well anywhere you might otherwise use honey. It can be used as a sweetener in many types of cooking too - even replacing honey in marinades and BBQ sauces.

It is also suprisingly healthy!:

  • Low GI and GL
  • 25% less calories than sugar AND you can use 25% less!
  • Suitable for diabetics as part of a healthy diet
  • NO artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives
  • GM free & gluten free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Sweet Freedom is simply extracted from fruit (apples, grapes and carob) with no chemicals or enzymes used. It’s 100% from fruit with nothing added!

Natural fruit extracts (apples, grapes and carob).

Nutrition information per 100g:
Energy 1228kJ/290 Kcal, Protein 0g, Carbohydrate 74g, of which Sugars 66g*, Fat 0g, of which Saturated Fat 0g, Fibre 0g, Sodium 0g.

*Naturally occuring from fruits

Nutrition information per 4.6g (serving):
Energy 292kJ/13 Kcal, Protein 0g, Carbohydrate 3.4g, of which Sugars 3g, Fat 0g, of which Saturated Fat 0g, Fibre 0g, Sodium 0g.

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