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Tofu, Seitan & Tempeh

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  • Biona Organic Seitan Pieces in Ginger & Soya Sauce 350g
    Ready to eat organic seitan from Biona. Marinated in a ginger and soya sauce, this setian can be added into stir-fries, salads or eaten straight from the jar. Drained weight 200g. Ingredients:  Water. wheat gluten*, soya sauce* (soya beans*, wheat*, sea salt)*, ginger*, paprika powd..
  • Blue Dragon Firm Silken Tofu 349g
    Blue Dragon Silken Tofu is now extra firm making it even better for stir fries. Blue Dragon say that their Extra Firm Silken Tofu is ideal for all types of Oriental dishes, having the perfect texture for stir fries and cooked dishes, as well as salads and to serve with dips. Silken tofu is differ..
  • Clear Spot Organic Tofu - Large 450g (CHILLED)
    Extra large value size firm organic tofu. Clear Spot tofu is made in the UK and has a good, firm texture which can be cut into slices and cubes. If you enjoy cooking then Clear Spot Organic tofu is for you. From casserole to 'cheescake', pressed firmer or blended Clear Spots tofu giv..
  • Clear Spot Organic Tofu Sea Cakes 190g (CHILLED)
    Two organic tofu sea cakes from Clear Spot. A blend of plain tofu, seaweed and a little smoked tofu, Clear Spot sea cakes are the perfect vegan alternative to fish cakes. No oil is used in the making of this product, which means that they can be both deep and shallow fried sucessflly. As ..
  • Clearspring Organic Silken Tofu 300g
    Silky soft and smooth, Clearspring Organic Tofu is a low fat soya food, great for everyday use and rich in healthy vegetable protein. Clearspring Organic Silken tofu is ready to eat straight out of the pack or you can use it as a substitute for eggs, dairy and meat in your favourite foods, both s..
  • Dr Tempeh's Canned Organic Tempeh Curry 300g
    Dr Tempeh's Tempeh is chunks of organic tempeh in an authentic spicy Javanese lemongrass and turmeric spicy sauce. A tasty and convenient choice for an easy meal. With an easy open can, you only need to heat and serve! Serve with rice for a classic meal - works well with noodles too. Tempeh is..
  • Marigold Braised Tofu 225g
    Marigold Braised Tofu is a versatile and highly nutritious Vegetarian and Vegan food that can be served either hot or cold. It looks a little like tuna fish with a slightly oily liquid, has a mild flavour but can easily be seasoned to taste. Unlike tofu blocks you may have come accross in the ..
  • Nuvale Vital Wheat Gluten Flour 500g
    Vital wheat gluten is ideal for making vegetarian alternatives to meat... including home made seitan style products. 77% protein and just 5g carbs per 100g. It is simply concentrated wheat protein in powder form, keeping the essential characteristic of becoming very sticky when in contact with..
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  • Nuvale Wheat Protein Cubes 285g
    Pieces of wheat protein in a light stock. A versatile ingredient that can be used in pies, curries, soups, BBQ Skewers and kebabs and many other recipes instead of meat. Extremely practical! As a canned product it is easy to store and take on your travels or for those with an occasional veggie..
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  • Nuvale Wheat Protein Strips 285g
    Pieces of wheat protein in a light stock. A versatile ingredient that can be used in stir-fries, fajita wraps, satay skewers, kebabs and many other recipes instead of meat. Extremely practical! As a canned product it is easy to store and take on your travels or for those with an occasional veg..
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  • Taifun Organic Smoked Tofu 200g (CHILLED)
    Organic vegan tofu by Taifun, the German tofu masters. Extra firm tofu, perfect for fine slicing and smoked for a rich taste. Eat as a cold snack straight from the pack, or diced into salads. Fry in a little oil (ideally in a non-stick pan) for vegetable dishes or with potatoes, etc. Made..
  • Taifun Organic Smoked Tofu with Almonds and Sesame Seeds 200g (CHILLED)
    Organic beech-smoked vegan tofu by Taifun, the German tofu masters. An extra firm mildly smoked tofu with pices of almond and sesame seeds that add a little extra texture. Has a close, smooth texture which allws it to be sliced quite finely compared to more traditional types of tofu. Made usin..
  • Taifun Organic Smoked Tofu with Herbs and Sunflower Seeds 250g (CHILLED)
    A delicious extra-firm organic tofu, seasoned with herbs and beech-smoked for a rich flavour. This is a considerably larger block compared to other Taifun Tofus, weighing in at 250g rather than 200g. Can be enjoyed on its own, cold or pan fried. It's extra firm texture means it can be sli..
  • Taifun Organic Tofu - 'Tofu Basilico' 200g (CHILLED)
    Organic vegan tofu made with Biodynamically grown soya beans from Taifun, the German tofu masters. A delicious extra-firm tofu with the rich flavours of basil and fine organic herbs. VeggieStuff Kitchen Tips: Cube or slice and serve cold in baguette, salads or marinated in olive oil. Fry in a..
  • Taifun Organic Tofu - 'Tofu Olive' 200g (CHILLED)
    This is one for the olive lovers out there! A delicious extra-firm organic tofu with generous chunks of green olives and aromatic herbs from Taifu, the German tofu masters. Can be enjoyed hot or cold. Cut into cubes and serve with Greek salad, or Italian antipasti. Can be also pan-fried and ..
  • Taifun Organic Tofu - 'Tofu Rosso' 200g (CHILLED)
    An extraordinary, flavoured organic vegan tofu from Taifun, the German tofu masters, made with bio-dynamically grown soya beans. A top quality extra-firm tofu infused with the rich taste of tomato, olive, garlic and herbs. There is just a tiny pinch of chili but not enough to upset those who..
  • Tofurky Organic Tempeh Rashers - 'Smoky Maple Bacon' Style 198g (CHILLED)
    Organic smokey maple style tempeh "bacon" rashers from Tofurky. Plant based protein that the whole family can enjoy. Can be used as part of a "TLT" sandwich - Tofurky, Lettuce and Tomato or anywhere a bacon substitute is needed. This product is also suitable for home freezing. Ingred..
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  • Vegandeli - Vegan Mock Ham 320g (CHILLED)
    A succulent and lightly seasoned vegan alternative to ham. A very versatile and tasty ingredient. These blocks are pre-sliced into four thick slabs, which you can serve like steaks. Alternatively, Vegandeli's Mock Ham can also easily be sliced into strips or cubes, to add to soups, salads, s..
  • Viana Organic 'Real Smoked' Tofu 250g (CHILLED)
    A really delicious organic hard tofu, naturally smoked for a rich flavour. Please note: This product can vary from batch to batch - sometimes it has lots of smoke and very salty... which has intense flavour (we LOVE IT!!) If you do not like smoked tofu too strong, email us and we'll check the cu..
  • Viana Organic Hazelnut Tofu 250g (CHILLED)
    A unique combination of top quality organic hazelnuts and fresh Viana Real Nigari Tofu.  Made with Viana's extra-firm tofu and seasoned with soy sauce for a richer flavour this tofu can be sliced and diced for use in may dishes, or even eaten uncooked in salads. As you can see from o..
  • Viana Organic Seitan 200g (CHILLED)
    A popular meat alternative for centuries, seitan is made from wheat protein. Viana Seitan is made according to a traditional recipe and distinguishes itself by its hearty taste and diverse uses. Seitan is believed to have originated in China, where Buddhists were seeking an altenative to meat...
  • Viana Organic Tempeh 200g (CHILLED)
    Traditional style organic tempeh from Viana. Tempeh is a traditional food that was first made in Java, now part of Indonesia. Soyabeans are partly cooked and fermented with a special Rhizopus culture that then grows around it to hold it all together in a 'cake'.  Tastes good and is highl..
  • Wheaty 'Spacebar' Organic Vegan Seitan Snack - 'Hemp' 40g
    Organic Vegan smoked seitan snack with hemp seeds. With 35% protein Wheaty's Hemp Spacebar will keep hunger at bay. Ideal for lunchboxes or when travelling.  Delicious rich smoky flavours from real beech wood and a satisfying chewy texture. With healthy fats provided by organic c..
  • Yakso Organic Seitan in Tamari Sauce 200g (Drained)
    Organic seitan marinated in a tasty tamari sauce. Created on a self-sufficiant organic farm in The Netherlands and inspired by the macrobiotic kitchen, this marinated seitan is ready to add to a variety of different dishes.  Drained weight 200g. Ingredients: Water, Gluten* (Wheat*)..
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