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Meat Alternatives

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VBites VegiDeli Vegan Burgers - 'Southern Fried Chicken Style' 160g (CHILLED)

Vegan Southern Fried 'Chicken' Style Burgers from VBites!Two chunky mouthwatering meat-free southern..

£2.80 Ex Tax: £2.80

VBites VegiDeli Vegan Pieces - 'Southern Fried Chicken Style' 150g (CHILLED)

*** REDUCED DUE TO SHORT DATE 25/07/17 ***Crispy coated chicken style pieces with a delicious s..

£2.70 Ex Tax: £2.70

VBites VegiDeli Vegan Sausages - 'Hot Dog Style' 200g (CHILLED)

Vegan 'Hot Dog' Style Sausages from VBites!4 authentically seasoned meat-free hot dogs.These veggie ..

£2.30 Ex Tax: £2.30

VBites VegiDeli Vegan Sausages - 'Lincolnshire Style' 295g (CHILLED)

Vegan 'Lincolnshire' Style Sausages from VBites!8 'Ready to eat' meat-free sausages seasoned with de..

£2.70 Ex Tax: £2.70

Vegourmet Vegan Fillets - Lucky Vilets 'Wiener Style' 200g (CHILLED)

Two tasty seasoned cutlets in a breaded finish with sesame seeds are perfect for the BBQ or the..

£3.45 Ex Tax: £3.45

Vegourmet Vegan Nuggets - Lucky Nuggets 'Wiener Style' 200g (CHILLED)

These tasty seasoned Nuggets have a crispy breaded finish and are perfect for the BBQ or t..

£3.45 Ex Tax: £3.45

Wheaty Organic Vegan Smoked Steak 2.0 130g (CHILLED)

** REDUCED DUE TO SHORT BEST BEFORE DATE - 30/07/17 **NEW!!Organic Vegan Smoked Steak by Wheaty.This..

£2.74 Ex Tax: £2.74

VBites Cheatin' Vegan Slices - 'Ham Style' 100g (CHILLED)

Vegan 'Ham' Style Slices from VBites!Made to VBites special formula. Brilliant in baguettes and bage..

£1.80 Ex Tax: £1.80

VBites VegiDeli Vegan Burgers - 'Quarter Pounders' 228g (CHILLED)

Vegan Quarter Pounder Burgers from VBites!Two substantial, and delicious meat-free vegan burgers bur..

£2.80 Ex Tax: £2.80

VBites VegiDeli Vegan Mince - 'Beef Style' 300g (CHILLED)

Vegan Gourmet 'Mince' from VBites!These fine and delicate chunks of meat-free beef hold a lot of fla..

£3.30 Ex Tax: £3.30

VBites VegiDeli Vegan Pieces - 'Chicken Style' 150g (CHILLED)

Vegan 'Chicken' Style Pieces from VBites!Chunks of vegan chicken style vegetable protein (soya and w..

£2.70 Ex Tax: £2.70

VBites VegiDeli Vegan Pieces - 'Duck Style with Hoisin Glaze' 150g (CHILLED)

Vegan 'Duck' Style Pieces with a Hoisin Glaze from VBites!Tender meat-free duck style pieces with a ..

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99

Vegourmet Vegan 'Salmon" Style Steaks - 'Steak di Mare' 300g (CHILLED)

*REDUCED DUE TO SHORT DATE!*14/05/2017New! From Vegourmet - Vegan Salmon Style Fillets.These vegan s..

£5.08 Ex Tax: £5.08

Vegourmet Vegan Burger Mix - 'Barbeque Style' 140g

A bbq seasoned burger mix. Makes 400g.VeGourmet vegan burgers are made from soya concentrate and..

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99

Vegourmet Vegan Burgers - 'Double Burger Picante' 160g (CHILLED)

Mediterranean Burger with delicious flavours of fine pepper, seasoned with fiery spicy seasonin..

£3.45 Ex Tax: £3.45

Vegourmet Vegan Fillets - Lucky Vilets 'Chickin Style' 200g (CHILLED)

Crispy Vilets "Chickin style": Two crispy sauteed cutlet, breaded and seasoned ready.​Serve..

£3.45 Ex Tax: £3.45

Vegourmet Vegan Ribs - 'Veg-Ribz Dolce' 150g (CHILLED)

Plant-based Grill Vilets in fruity BBQ sauceVeg Ribz Dolce: The mild version of Vegourmet vegan ..

£3.65 Ex Tax: £3.65

Viana Organic Vegan 'Veggie Gyros' 200g (CHILLED)

Greek style sliced and spiced vegan Gyros. Can be frozen.Authentically spicy hot and with perfec..

£3.10 Ex Tax: £3.10

Viana Organic Vegan Snack Sausage - 'Picknicker' 50g

Picknicker - the vegan salami style snack. An ideal companion for the little craving in between.&nbs..

£0.93 Ex Tax: £0.93

Wheaty Organic Vegan Chorizo Slices - 80g (CHILLED)

Vegan Chorizo Slices by Wheaty! Made with organic ingredients, these delicious slices can give you y..

£2.16 Ex Tax: £2.16


Wheaty Organic Vegan Sausages - Merguez 200g (CHILLED)

*** REDUCED DUE TO SHORT DATE 11/08/17 ***A vegan take on a spicy Spanish classic! Wh..

£3.65 Ex Tax: £3.65

Vitam Organic Tofu Scramble Mix 200g

Vitam 'Scrambled Tofu' is a seasoning mix for making vegan alternatives to scrambled egg.This sp..

£5.60 Ex Tax: £5.60

Violife Mediterranean 'Halloumi' Style Cheese 200g (CHILLED)

NEW!!Vegan Mediterranean Halloumi Style Cheese from Violife!Indulge yourself into the new Violi..

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99

Violife 'Blu' Block - Blue Style Cheese 150g (CHILLED)

NEW!!Blue style cheese from Violife. Perfect for eating on crackers, in salad or melted into a toast..

£2.89 Ex Tax: £2.89