Vegan Cheese Slices

Vegan Cheese Slices

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Violife Slices - Original 200g (CHILLED)

Vegan 'Original' Cheese Sliced from Violife!Pack of 10 tasty and cheesy dairy-free slices!These vega..

£2.70 Ex Tax: £2.70

Violife Slices - Smoked Flavour 200g (CHILLED)

Pack of Ten Dairy and Soya Free Vegan Cheese slices in Smoked Flavour. Try mixing into pasta sauce f..

£2.70 Ex Tax: £2.70

Violife Slices - With Tomato & Basil 200g (CHILLED)

Vegan 'Tomato & Basil' Cheese Slices from Violife!Pack of 10 Dairy Free Cheese slices in a tasty..

£2.70 Ex Tax: £2.70

Green Vie Vegan Cheese Slices 'Cheddar' Flavour 180g (CHILLED)

NEW!!Dairy Free 'Cheddar' Style Slices by Green Vie.Delicious slices of vegan 'Cheddar' flavoured ch..

£2.35 Ex Tax: £2.35

MozzaRisella - Organic Vegan Cheese Slices 'Cheddar' Style 80g (CHILLED)

*** REDUCED DUE TO SHORT DATE 19/07/17 ***From MozzaRisella, vegan 'cheddar' style slices. Mad..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.99


Wheaty Organic Vegan Sausages - Merguez 200g (CHILLED)

*** REDUCED DUE TO SHORT DATE 11/08/17 ***A vegan take on a spicy Spanish classic! Wh..

£3.65 Ex Tax: £3.65

Vitam Organic Tofu Scramble Mix 200g

Vitam 'Scrambled Tofu' is a seasoning mix for making vegan alternatives to scrambled egg.This sp..

£5.60 Ex Tax: £5.60

Violife Mediterranean 'Halloumi' Style Cheese 200g (CHILLED)

NEW!!Vegan Mediterranean Halloumi Style Cheese from Violife!Indulge yourself into the new Violi..

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99

Violife 'Blu' Block - Blue Style Cheese 150g (CHILLED)

NEW!!Blue style cheese from Violife. Perfect for eating on crackers, in salad or melted into a toast..

£2.89 Ex Tax: £2.89